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New face of ViKo Models

Pleased to present an updated externally and internally redesigned store ViKo Models.Made the following improvements:

  • Now, this is a full automated online store where you can make a purchase without leaving your computer.
Optimized as working conditions, all for your convenience:

  • The description of each item specified maximum period, which will be sent to your order. For orders that do not model it for 4 days for orders where there is a model for 3 weeks. This is the maximum term, anything can be faster.
  • Conducted inventory control and you can see the balance of products in stock and decide how much you need to buy within the available amount.
  • Work orders and update your status, ie can see every change in the processing and the time of submitting the order.
  • To all orders (! Not only sent EMS) provides a tracking number by which you can track the location of the parcel.
  • It's not all, we're constantly working on upgrading and optimization of service and quality, and are always happy to delight you. 

If suddenly you have any problems, inconvenience, or you notice an error when using the new version of the store, please let us know by E-mail, so we can fix it in the first stages of work.

Wishes, ViKo Models Team