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Terms and conditions

Internet-shop «ViKo Models» - the first and largest in the world of online hardware store for CL Combat. We have proved ourselves as a reliable supplier in the world. Since the start of work (2002), we only offer high quality and original products of own production and manufacturers with good reputation in this class. Goods that are sold at the online store «ViKo Models» - are original and are guaranteed to cases of workmanship. Against natural wear and tear, misuse, and other physical effects caused by the buyer - no warranty is provided.

Our physical location: Ukraine, Cherkassy region, Cherkassy

Orders in the online store are made around the clock. You can also place your order using any available means of communication from the "Contact Us". Calculating the cost of delivery is made automatically based on the total weight of ordered items and current tariffs postal services at the time of ordering. 

Terms of shipment are directly dependent on the composition of the order and determined goods require the maximum term. The description of each item you can see the maximum period in which the order will be sent, but the order can be sent faster.

It is very important! Due to the specific conditions of the postal mail services, orders in which there are model airplanes (F2D, F2E, F2i, 1/2a) is only sent by mail in a special EMS "Packaging for delivery models," which is represented in the catalog section "Models" and is mandatory to purchase when ordering products from this section. This is necessary to calculate the correct shipping charges. If you place an order in which the present model, but there is no packing and paid for it, after checking the manager will be made pererasschet and you will need to make a surcharge, it may have for an additional fee for a new payment, so please be careful and be sure to obey this condition. Maximum number of models for one order - 20 pcs.